ECOFIT Pricing

Unlock powerful custom reports with the ECOFIT system

For $1 USD per item per month:


Equipment Rotation Reports

Frequency: Bi-annual

ECOFIT’s delivered equipment Rotation Plans will balance out the usage of your fitness equipment groups. Equipment balancing can dramatically increase each asset’s expected life up to 3 years and reduce costs associated with servicing high usage equipment.


Peak Period Reports

Frequency: Monthly

Understanding the busy times in your club will enable you to make informed decisions when scheduling routine maintenance and staffing of your facility.  ECOFIT’s platform provides you with valuable insight into what equipment is being used on your floors during the week and WHEN.


Procurement Reports

Frequency: As Requested

Take the guesswork out of buying expensive fitness equipment.  ECOFIT’s procurement reports allow you base your purchase decisions on actual member usage data ensuring that you are maximizing your floor space ROI.  Because ECOFIT works on legacy equipment you are able to network your existing equipment in advance of a refresh!


Equipment Saturation Reports

Frequency: Monthly

ECOFIT provides regular product availability reports so you can ensure that you have the right product mix on the floor to meet your customer needs. Never lose a customer due to frustrating wait times, or worry that your floor space is being wasted by a piece of unnecessary equipment again.


Cardio Usage Reports

Frequency: Monthly

ECOFIT provides regular Equipment Usage reports so you have a complete understanding of what is being used in your facility. These reports enable you to compare seasonal differences in equipment popularity, identify  trends, and troubleshoot potential issues ahead of time.


Rebalancing Reports

Frequency: Annually

Often, multiple-site gym managers will have facilities with equipment imbalances. ECOFIT’s Rebalancing reports provide you with the necessary information you need to move equipment between facilities, so you can meet local customer demands, and save yourself from potentially buying unnecessary new equipment.


Your initial investment includes:

  • Custom Reporting
  • Unlimited Logins

Per unit pricing:





Relay: $96 USD




Button:  $59 USD





Gateway: $1999 USD

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