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Equipment Mix Tool

In consideration of re-opening requirements and the safety and satisfaction of your members, Ecofit has created a complementary analytic tool to assist in the development of an optimized cardio equipment layout. 

This is the primary access point for all Ecofit tools.

Create a new account

Select the “Sign up” button on the top right of the screen.

Select the Equipment Tool option

Upon logging in, there will be a pop-up containing 
the link to access the tool.

Get Started
How To Use The Tool
Access the tool and enter your equipment details 
in the “Equipment Counts Section".


Social Distancing Measures 
and Usage Assumptions are 
set to default values.

These can be edited to
account for your faciltiy
specific measures.

Using the entered data along with industry wide usage statistics collected by Ecofit, an equipment mix recommendation will be created. 


Adjust your mix summary results
by selecting the “Edit Results”
button. This will allow you to make
adjustments in order to account
for facility specific considerations.

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