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Ecofit Announces Integration Partnership with Matrix Fitness

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

VICTORIA B.C., May 18, 2021 - Ecofit Networks announced an integration partnership with Matrix Fitness, enabling Ecofit’s fitness equipment management system capabilities on all Matrix Fitness connected equipment. The cloud-based integration is available as of May 1, 2021 to all existing and new Matrix customers by simply subscribing to Ecofit’s service and configuring their machines on site.

“Matrix is known for providing our customers with not only the best equipment, but also meeting our customers where they are and working with the systems and vendors they already prefer, which is why partnering with an industry leader like Ecofit makes sense.” Andrew Kolman, senior director technology and business development for Johnson Health Tech said. “The unique thing about Ecofit is that it provides a cross-brand solution for club operators to get a complete picture of their entire facility’s unique equipment mix. Now, those valuable insights can be delivered without the need for extra hardware, which is a very exciting development for owners/operators.”

The Ecofit platform collects data points from connected cardio and strength equipment across all brands to create a 360-degree view of equipment usage. Club operators use the platform to run meaningful reports and view alerts that allow them to repair and maintain equipment more efficiently, determine the perfect mix of equipment on the floor, and make informed purchasing decisions.

“This integration allows Matrix customers to access a wealth of information about their equipment without adding a single piece of hardware to the machines.” Dave Johnson, co-founder of Ecofit said. “Our hope is that better data insights can lead to more informed decisions that help health clubs recover from the setbacks of the past year and thrive into the future.”

About Ecofit: Founded in 2011, Ecofit is a pioneer of digital fitness equipment management. Its advanced platform allows fitness establishments to tap into equipment and derive meaningful analytics related to usage, equipment mix, equipment health, and maintenance. The platform includes numerous reporting features that provide health club operators with simple and actionable insights to optimize their equipment for better ROI and user experience. Ecofit currently serves thousands of clubs throughout the world. Learn more at

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