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Optimizing Equipment Spacing Post-COVID19

"The question is how can you decide on how many pieces of each cardio equipment group to open on your gym floor?"

As gyms are slowly reopening, one of the key questions the industry is trying to solve is how much equipment to keep open on their floor. Due to physical distancing requirements, many gyms are only able to keep a fraction of their cardio equipment on the floor open to members. To accommodate this, most gyms are opening approximately half of their cardio equipment group for members to use.

Closing a straight 50% of your equipment can cause usage imbalances and increased wait times. As a result, your gym may have too many or too few pieces of equipment open in a certain group. Why is this important? Because having too few pieces open can result in members waiting for equipment during busier hours and having too many pieces open will result in additional cleaning and maintenance for pieces that may not even be used.

So, the question is how can you decide on how many pieces of each cardio equipment group to open on your gym floor? A great resource to answer this question can be found within the IoT fitness analytics industry. We at Ecofit Networks have created a free tool that answers this question using our industry-wide data.

What our clients are doing with the Equipment Mix Tool

The vast majority of our clients are using this tool to calculate the optimal equipment mix for locations that are scheduled to reopen. Users are able to export these reports as a PDF that can be sent out to managers and technicians to review and implement.

As gyms start to reopen in different regions, our clients are using the region selection to tailor the recommendations based on the gym’s location with regional data from our 2019 Annual Equipment Usage Rankings which ranks cardio equipment by average daily usage.

Our power users are using the flexibility of the tool to experiment with the usage assumptions and the recommended equipment counts in order to optimize their gym’s saturation level for cardio equipment and further customize their equipment mix.

These tools and more are available to help come out of this stronger than ever by ensuring that you are optimizing every aspect of your equipment, from service efficiencies to new equipment procurement.

The Equipment Mix Tool can be accessed on the Ecofit Asset Portal. Simply create an account to get going.

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David Jacobie -

Data Analyst at Ecofit Networks.

Give us a shout for more info. | 1.855.380.0123

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